How to avoid scams posing as payday loans and lenders

Avoiding Scammers

Payday loans from lenders are great short-term loan options that may help you out in case of an emergency. They are less thorough than other loans in their review process and may take only minutes to process. They do not have a lengthy list of requirements and can be accessed by many people, including those who may have a bad credit score. Payday loans are lucrative and ideal loan options that may just be right for you.

However, some scammers have taken advantage of the popularity of this type of loan. All payday loans are not scams. Some lenders offer genuine loans with genuine and transparent terms. These may be clearly stipulated on their website, as well as any payment terms you may need to know. The high rate of interest, usually higher than for most other types of loans, may be responsible for the bad reputation.

Some people have developed scams that pose as payday loans. They prey on desperate loan-seeking persons and take their money or sensitive information, which they may sell or use later on for fraudulent activities. Here are some common scams you should avoid.

What to look out for

Upfront Fee’s

Lenders do not require an upfront fee before processing your loan. You should be very suspicious of any lender who proposes that you send an upfront fee to help with the processing of your loan. Any lender is already in a position to deduct that fee from the loan amount they will give you. You should not send money to a lender in order to help you get money back. Scammers may ask you to send the money through some sort of non-refundable transfer such as a money order or wire transfer, preventing you from recovering any amount of it.

Pretending to be a loan collector/fake lenders

Some scammers may pretend to be loan collectors and ask you to pay parts of or the entire loan amount or else face some consequences. Usually, these scammers have bought your information from a third-party source such as a lead generator. They will try to solicit money from you, which will be sent through a direct transfer to them.

Fake Forms

Other types of scammers will create an online form which will be aimed at stealing your information. These fake forms usually require certain sensitive information and are presented as an application for a payday loan. When you fill it out, you will not qualify to receive a loan. Instead, the scammers will use the information you provide to subscribe you onto costly and regular programs that will deduct some amount of money from your account regularly.

Terms and Conditions

To avoid these scams, it is important to be thorough when going through your loan application in order to understand whether your lender is legitimate. You should understand the terms set out by your loan, as well as the due process when paying the money back. This will prevent any persons from trying to take advantage of you for profit. You will also need to authenticate any online forms before giving out your information.

The best way to avoid scams

Try finding a legitimate broker to help direct you to the best lenders for you. Simple Personal Loans have a large panel with the UK’s best lenders to help you get the best option and help you so you don’t have to stress about finding a legitimate lender. Therefore, if you find yourself in financial difficulty, it is the easiest and quickest way to find a loan safely.

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